Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Centennial Celebration

Who would have know that our university, The University of Southern Mississippi, was 100 years old seeing all of the new and improved additions to the campus that are added what seems daily such as the bricking of the path that leads from College Hall to the fountain, our new stadium, the beautiful grassy knowle located where the commons was, and of course our centennial gate which is in the process of being built. The Celebration for the centennial was amazing. They had a great picnic filled with food and an abundance of chairs and fun. I had a great time and I saw some old freshman buddies that I had not seen since freshman year. The Centennial exhibit is full of University memories. There is a tomato grinder, old band and cheerleader uniforms, old year books and much much more. The exhibit is filled with historic moments and artifacts that tell a story about The University of Southern Mississippi. The official Centennial website is posted below.

not just for strippers

Think pole dancing is just for strippers? Think again, pole dancing is an art form, a great way to excercise, is and ever increasing way to shed some pounds and stay in shape. Women are lining up to take these classes. I am a firm believer that every woman should be open to trying new things respectfully. While in the past it was deemed as a "taboo" practice but since attending a pole dancing class myself, I actually like it. I must say that it is much harder than it looks and doing the moves gracefully is even harder, but it is fun to try.