Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kimora Lee Simmons: One Word Fabulous!

Kimora Lee is a Mogoul. She owns her own businesses, and runs her family of 5 and puts them first. She was born May 4, 1975 in St. Louis Missouri. She became an exclusive model Chanel model at the age of 13. Since then she was a judge on Americas Next top Model, Married to Russel Simmons, Divorced Russel Simmons, Re-married to Djimon Hounsou, Became an Author to her book Faboulousity: A how to guide on how to be faboulous. She has her own barbie doll and millions of dollars. is where her full bio is listed. She is definetly a woman who makes her own rules and knows the game.

Cell Phone Usage: Does it cause Cancer?

First of all the huge scare over whether or not cell phones cause cancer is because cell phones emit radio frequency energy which is another name for radio waves. The radio frequency energy is simular to the same as geting an x-ray. Studies are still being conducted to find out if the levels of radio frequency energy are dangerous enough to cause and harm or not. The premesis for right now is that it is not dangerous. I guess we will all know if 10 years from now we are all walking around with tumors the size of basketballs on the side of our heads. This is the link to a website that is dedicated to cancer research in accordinance with cell phone usage.

Shopping Online

It's definetly addictive! And so simple. A few clicks and taps on a keyboard and a new wardrobe is on the way. Online shopping is the new way of shopping for me. I got tired of shopping in the local Hattiesburg mall only to find another girl with my dress on at a party. My solution was to shop on websites that few people shop on such as,, and
My absolute favorite is